These sled dogs are ready to 
retire and are looking for 
forever homes. Interested?
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Lead dog describes a dog that is smart, obedient, and was used as a leader that the other dogs followed.
Team dog describes a member of the team that was neither leader, nor wheel dog, but somewhere in between. These dogs are hard workers
Wheel dog describes the dog that is closest to the sled. These dogs are very strong, and usually the largest members of the team.


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June 10, 2009
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The dogs listed below have led a very active lifestyle & may
not be suitable for everyone. Please research sled dogs &
mushing before adopting one of these fantastic dogs!
More dogs coming soon.
Please come back after mushing season is over to see if there are any new retirees!"
TITANIC, Male, Neutered, 8 years old, 52 lbs, good with kids and dogs, sweet, calm, quiet dog, affectionate but not boisterous.  Trained for distance and finished the Seeley 100 in 2001.  Excellent command leader who could be used on a rec team.  Has a congenital defect in his shoulders; refer to his web page for more info
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WORF is a neutered, debarked male born 5-28-02. Always ready to continue on, up & barking, ready to go after a short break. Excellent wheel dog, works hard to pull around corners instead of cutting corners. Very sweet, but very shy. Once he knows you, would be a great addition to your home! Great addition for a recreational or mid-distance team as well!
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KEIKO is Rom's sister (see Rom below) Female, DOB 5/28/02 (7 of 9?s pup). Approx. 50 lbs, debarked, spayed, a little shy.  Keiko is a young, happy, hard driving, fast, girl who has been leading since she was a pup.  As a two year old she is rapidly becoming one of my main leaders. Finished the Iditarod in 2006, but as the team has gotten faster has not wanted to run lead very often.
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ROM is Keiko's brother (see Keiko above) - debarked, neutered and very affectionate.  DOB 5/28/02  (7 of 9?s pup). Runs anywhere from wheel to swing. Makes an excellent wheel dog.  Rom finished the 2006 Iditarod.
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QUARK is a neutered, debarked male born 5-28-02. Has run wheel or team normally. Has tried lead, but not great at it. Shy, and slow to mature. Has the physical drive to make the team, but didn't have the mental drive to run in a long distance race. Will be a strong addition to any team once you've overcome his shyness.
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